Current Projects

Gone In An Instant

A documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of NBA superstar Antoine Walker's fame and fortune. Antoine Walker's story speaks for itself. Amassing over $110 million during a 13-year NBA career, Walker went from being an NBA All-Star and World Champion to facing felony charges stemming from gambling debt in Las Vegas. However, vice was not his sole enemy; his generosity to more than 70 family members and friends evenly contributed to the drain of his fortune. Now successfully navigating bankruptcy, Antoine is on a mission to educate others on financial literacy, using his own story as a warning and an effective platform for others to learn from his mistakes. The documentary is the first of many planned projects by "It's The Comeback Kids LLC" that will feature individuals working to better the lives of others through charity.


Good Cop, Bike Cop

Nine million, nine hundred and sixty-two thousand, seven hundred and sixty-two people live in Los Angeles County. The LAPD is divided up between elite officers who have dedicated their lives to serve, honor and protect civilians. They are strong, brave, and calculated. There are good cops and then, there are bike cops. When problems arise, Officer Jackson (Kerry Rhodes) and Patty Patterson (Buddy Wyrick) are not the guys you call. Banished to suburbia, they stumble upon a major crime ring. Do they have what it takes to bring down LA's most unlikely suspects?